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Montag, 26. September 2011

Viking riding, viking shopping, viking hiking, viking cuties:-)

 Now it ahs been simmering a while, but everything turned out really great, I got a day off on Saturday, the weather was great to boot, so I saddled my steed and set out to make the road to Bottrop to... tadah... meet with Drui, the closest person to my heart, and the friend of my soul I have finally found:-), and with Frau Mondjung, her best friend and soulsister. Now they do viking reenactment (not bothering me any:-)).
Of course, I ventured off course, and got completely lost on the way to Bottrop and back, so I rode some 220 km that day, mind you, I was a tiny bit fatigued:-), but also proud and really, really happy that I did it... and not for the achievement.
You see, the vikings wore no horns on their helmets, and after Ibn Fadhlan or was that Al-Biruni???they were armed with a sword, an axe, a dagger and a seax, a shield and a spear, could drink whole barrels of mead, and cleave open an armoured opponent with a single blow... and that were but the women...*ggg*

Frau Mondjung had a somewhat aggressive air to her, but after we talked about it over a cup of camomile tea, it faded enough to stop her biting anyone´s ankle*ggg*. I am kidding, of course, for I was so warmly welcomed I felt right at home with these really, really nice people. And I felt really privileged, and I sincerely hope, we can call each other friends some day.
 Then we visited the medieval crafts fair "Michaelis-Markt" in Bottrop city, to get in some "viking shopping" as the girls like to call it... somehow the term brought up images of great axes, warcries and broadswords to my mind, but it all went surprisingly civilized, apart from some abject scheming of childlike characteristics to talk the poor male companion into buying some really great amberware:*ggg*. But I freely admit, I would have done so, either*ggg*.
 Now THAT´s some skill, eh?*ggg*
 I really love amber myself. I like the warm and radiant colour, the feel, and the properties of it.
 Real treasures for sale on that booth, and a very friendly and competent merchant, too.
 Now these are a great idea, if you ask me, jewellry out of leather and amber. I like that, and MAYBE I ´LL TRY THAT MYSELF*ggg*.
 ...checking the dough:-)...
 This one I really liked. Silver and amber, beautiful.
And here I got another job from my betters:-), just at this moment, exactly. We then strolled around the aisles, and met some friends of Drui´s and Frau Mondjung´s, more great people still.

By that time the sun was sinking, and I had to ride home, quite shot in the head:-). Thanks, my dears, for that warm welcome, and a drink of cool water after many miles.

And, my dearest, thanks for having tumbled into my life anyway.*ggg*.Yap, I said that again, but I never tire of it. Cry "STOP!!!!" if it gets unnerving*ggggggg*...

It was late in the evening, when I reached Witten, for I messed up again,as I said, and I paused on the bike lane to Hagen to have some thoroughly needed carbohydrates and some water. The stars were out over the Ruhr valley, and there were some wild geese and water birds stirring ever so faintly. An owl cried, and I sat there, as happy as I have not been for years.


  1. Women, knives, amber jewellery...makes for an expensive outing I should think...:-)

    Glad you had a happy day Markus. I wish you many more.

  2. It was such a great day, meeting you and all those other fantastic people I hadn't seen for years!
    But women would NEVER use any of those tactics you described to get what we want ;)
    We don't even know those tactics...ok, our eyes tend to do funny things, but strategic plans...noooo.
    But we need much more time when we meet next time :)
    Thank you (again *g*) for an outstanding day :))))

  3. @joel: Thank you for your kind words... and you can add bicycles to the list. THAT makes for an expensive outing*g*....
    @drui:Obviously women would NEVER even think of that*ggg*... but I learned to cope with the discrepancy between the emptiness of my purse and my weakness for intelligent, charming, beautiful, psychopathic, weird, creative, lovely, druiesque women:-)))))))))))))))))))). It just takes some nerves, a hammer and a forge:-). We need much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much more time next time...:-), and gratefulness is me...:-))))

  4. hey i am happy for both of you that it turned out to be such a nice day together!

    @myrk:you went to bottrop by bike? Hey Mann du bist voll krank, mann... ;-) just kidding, my RESPECT! for that stunt!

  5. @jandark: Thanks a lot for those kind words again...

    muss ja trainieren... nach Hessen is´bißken weiter*ggg*, aber so 226 durchs Ruhrgebiet ist NICHT schön... und ich hab mich noch verfranst, auf dem Hinweg über Recklinghausen, auf dem Rückweg über Essen nach Hattingen und über Witten zurück und so´n Kram...waren so ca. 200-220 km, und jeder einzelne Scheißstraßenkilometer*ggg* davon war´s wert!!!!!

  6. hm, vielleicht ein günstiges GPS gerät anschaffen, und nicht über feithstrasse nach bochum von der talsperre fahren ;-)
    GMaps gibt mir ne kurze route (ohne autobahnen, weiß nicht wie das höhenprfil aussieht) von 57km (!) vorhalle bis bottrop bahnhof aus...
    ne, ich kann mir schon vorstellen, das es sich wie 200km angefühlt hat.


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