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Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Pre-work stroll-Pear pressure!:-)

 On Wednesday morning, I went for a short bimble before going to work. First I went to the bank. Some idiot always disposes of his crap tin cans at the same place. Since there´s a fee on them, and this wood can do with being cleaner, I collect them. 2,00€ for nothing...
 Now this is weird. Blackberry blossom in late summer...
 On my way I came across this gang of apples (Apples! They are everywhere! Plain parasites if you ask me!*g) bullying a lonely pear. Pear pressure, so to say, and I could not stand pear groups out of apples bullying pears, for this is plain absurd. So I took them away from the poor pear, and ate them all. After eating the apples, I thought I´d spare the pear and let it run free. Turns out I am an inconsequent bastard*g, so I ate that, too. First I thought about barbecuing it, but I had no Pear Grills whatsoever*g, so I ate it raw instead, They all were delicious...Does anyone know where to get a pear grill?*g
 I simply love those colours...

 The hills of home so far and distant,
My heart does yearn for a time gone by;
When songs of green my heart´s wound soothed,
And there were no questions why...

Okay, inspiration over and out...*g I sincerely hope my other readers are not put off by me having these fits of poetry, but that´s how it is, and in this case I would not care  a damn.*g My inspiration has a good cause, and that changed my life and saved me from a darkness ever so deep. Now singing seems more natural than speaking, to be true. And no question why. Just a simple smile...:-)

Beauty. It accompagnied me into the evening and through an arduous task at work.


  1. Personally speaking, I am not put off at all Markus. Please continue with your fits of poetry! I am happy to read the results...:-)

  2. @joel: Thanks for your kind words, as usual. They mean a lot to me:-). Those fits of poetry will continue, no worries, and would even if you would not approve:-).
    For there is some certain person keeping me inspired in a way I wasn´t in years...I just have to. Singing´s easier than plain speaking*g...

  3. Wh00t...those apples again. I knew there's something strange with them. But bullying a pear...there should be a reintegration program for those fruity villains. I would name it 'CAKE' or 'FRUIT SALAD'. Should be considered.
    Recently a friend from Britain found a pear on his tree that looks like an alien. Fruit is very vivid this year *g*
    Looking at those brambles, it seems space-time continuum again lacks of precision ;)
    My strawberries are in full bloom too over here.

  4. Weird... anything to do with your green thumbie?*g
    I´ll opt for a PEAR GRILL (s) (Not one of you getting the joke? I am very disappointed of you lot*gggggggg). But it would be a disintegration programme....*g

    I´d love to see the alien pear...:-) Must have a look at your post!

  5. Are you pointing to the direction of a certain survival guy? You'Re never sure if he might jump out of a bush somewhere... I was definitely watching too much dmax some time ago... *ggg*
    I'll send you a pic of that extraterrestial pear ;)

  6. Thanks for the extraterrestrial pear*GGG*...that made my day*g*... might be a topic for Sir Pear of Frills, erm, whatsitcalled... surviving alien pear attacks with just a swim slip and a bomb shrapnel... evil images coming up all the time*GGG* Thanks for your thorough research on my joke, you render my disappointment slightly less annoying*ggg. Do you have email contact with my therapist?*g He says I need encouragement...*ggg*

  7. As I spent whole nights before the screen some years ago while enjoying winter holiday at my old home and knitting socks while watching 'man vs. wild' I had not to go too deep into my thoughts for a research ;)

    Knitting socks and watching survival tv shows...guys, I recommend that to all of you *ggg*

    uuuh, and now these images are on my mind too...need a drink. Pear schnaps will do. Hopefully.

  8. Hahaaa, hier ist übrigens der echte, nicht diese billige Kopie:

  9. Hm. No. Just eat. They should do another episode with some knitting. But eating is great too, I'll have my try on that right now *g*

  10. Eating is good. I find it makes one saturated.*g This is something I am capable of, too. Fine.*g*


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