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Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Progress on Drui´s "Golden sickle"

 Did some work on the titanium sickle I made for Drui, just some sanding, but we´re talking Ti6Al4,5V here:-). It will get its handle drilled to fit some scales out of Mammoth ivory, and maybe Mokume bolsters, but that I still haveis all crap for riveting it any ... maybe I´ll find some moon silver, too, but have yet to talk to the dwarves of Worah-Hall:-)...
Thank you, Anman Cara, once again, and always deeper into my heart.:-)


  1. ...

    Madman. Again, lost for words.

    But I wouldn't talk to those dwarves, they're not very generous with sharing any Mithril...

    *ganz_dolle_knudddddeeeel* :D

  2. Markus you can make that steel turn a kinda golden by litting it rust slightly and then spray it with copper sulphate.

  3. @drui: I said...*ggg* and it´s not Mithril, it´s being processed slightly differently*ggg* something to do with crystals and moonlight I understand as well as knitting and card-weaving*g. They are quite okay, if you know how to take them, slightly grumpy and with a weird sense of humour*ggg*. That´s where I got mine, after all...*ggg*

    *selber knuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll!!!!*seufz**ggg*

    @sticks65: I could spray anything on it, even acids, and it would not work, for it is no steel:-) it is Ti6Al4,5V with no carbon content whatsoever. But you can anodize or heat-"blue" it, when polished. Your hint is hugely welcome, though, for blueing steel. I was desperately searching for a recipe to do so! Thanks, bro!

  4. The old weird alchemist...always looking for a way to produce gold...but if you put moon-silver production on a par with knitting and tablet weaving, I might have a try on that....hmmmmm.... *g*

  5. It´s only as far as my understanding is concerned, which is a bit at large*ggg*.I met that skateboard riding dwarf acquaintance of mine, Grabak, last night, and he made fun out of me for not knowing a bit about that... but then he´s a funny little moron anyway*gggggg* he said it´s ever so easy... just have to stop time for it, take the silver mead flowing from the light, let it dry thoroughly, add a tiny bit of materia prima and forge it out.*ggg*He made his skateboard out of it, which is a bit overgunned, if you ask me*ggg*.NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not the bedlam again.............. Nice jacket you´re giving me, but the sleeves are way too long........ *ggggg*


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