Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

A seax blade and a knife by Dietmar Konrad

 Now these are twao works from Dietmar I got from him. Dietmar is a local damascus and bladesmith who does reenactment for the knights of the "Wolfskuhle",
and, of course, he´s quite a friendly guy. The seax to the right is 1.2842 with an edge-quench. I have yet to fit some scales to it, but it has some mean heft to it. I reworked the bevel and straightened the tang a bit. It´s a great chopper (we tested it).
This is a small medieval utility. Spring steel (what do you call it in autumn?*ggg), edge-quenched and a very sweet satin finish and a Scandi grind. The handle is walnut with an epoxy varnish. Sheath is a factory one I got on the Expo in Dortmund for cheap and personalized with a dragon that has a bit of a queer look to it*g. It comes sharp and is very nimble, although I like my handles a bit more "arthletic"*g. Certainly no whittler, but a great knife.

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