Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Fun day working at the Industriemuseum again

 That first weekend of the month we met at the smithy at the Industriemuseum again, Willi, Mr. Rothenberg, Daniel, myself and several others, to do some tribal bashing and having a coffee or two. Willi tempered the viking knife he made last time.
 Daniel made himself a screwdriver. It gets the job done excellently, made from spring steel and all.
 That´s Willi´s EDC survival kit and his entire leather working tool kit! He knows how to do this inteloligently. That tampon he uses as tinder!
 That´s a kid´s knife I made that day. I daresay sonny will not see much of it, for  daddy had that twinkle in the eyes when I handed it ti them (I always hand out knives for underaged persons to the parents first, by the way). It´s made from spring steel.
 That´s an excellent and ancient Jemenitic Jambiya Frank brought in, a guy working as a hospital consultant. he dropped by for me to estimate if it was crap or not. Damn me, should have said it was crap and talk him into leaving it to me;-), for its an excellent blade. Could not be too sure, but I etched it and it seemed to be Wootz "damascus". The handle is fitted with resin and made from giraffe or buffalo horn. We will restore it, very carefully, and I am honoured by that!
 That´s the sheath and belt ensemble, made from brocate and leather with a high degree of craftsmanship. They do not make them like this anymore...
 Mr. Rothenberg enjoying himself making a garage for his knife. Willi did the tutorial this time. Unfortunately I was not able to take too many pics, I was being so busy foirging with kids and other visitors.
 The evil monster  in the sheath.
 Did I say evil monster? Started this one, which will be a "Langes Messer" (German hunting sword) after Johannes Liechtenauer, Thalhoffer or Albrecht Dürer (Tecak, Dussack). It will be my first sword. Made from leaf spring steel... how come they always look like seaxes when I got them under my hammer?;-)
That´s Frank´s pretty side. Unfortunately for me I forgot her name, which she certainly does not deserve. She did quite well forging a keyhanger that day and was a bit amazed she could. It´s often the girls are reluctant to forge for fear of not doing well. Come on now, pleeeaaassse, give me a break, most girls actually do a better job than most males, for males tend to use brute force where women often are way better in the delicate part of the work. Doing small artisan work often requires a lot more dedication and concentration. I find women often are more focused when this is concerned, too. Anyway, it was a busy day, and I got no coffee, but no harm done. It was constant pounding and no break whatsoever, just one brief pausing eating a nitty bit and drinking some water, but it was a day to behold!

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