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Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

Just started the book of Fimbulmyrk;-)-some drawings

 ...through the forest´s green and over ancient hills the battered road it leads...
 ... into the dawn of a new day: The book of drawings, the book of Fimbulmyrk...

"Dhiudha Laita, laite laitaneonn, ab bauka anthwll."(The Book Of Dragal, the lost secrets of the ai-uuigeann-fearh)

 It grew on me, and I realized I´d actually missed drawing a lot. It gives my mind and my fantasies opportunities to wander.

 Two dragons as of old guard the path of the psychopomp, his, who was called Telesphoros of old but bears names thousandfold. 6000 are the sentinels of the castle at the abyss of heights, and hard it is to converse with them. He leads the way through the void- and to the land of dreams. But be not mistaken, wanderer in ancient woods-he may seem a child, and a child of virile powers of green he is. He is the one who bringeth forth the dream of dreams and the name of dreams, which is the master key to all magic and all poetry and the art of the warriors as told in the ancient lore of Ys. Who might know if it is fiction... or bears the truth of dreams? He who dares might follow the path, but who knows what will become of it?
 The book hath opened, and fury and poetry stand guard beside its gates of old. I did not write it, but it was my hand that wrote with moonlight upon the water, with fire on steel.


  1. Quite an adventurous path to be trodden :)

    ♥ those drawings!

  2. This is reminiscent of the "Lord of the Rings" stories! I love dragons and stories of treasure hunts, trolls and &elves & fairies...You know, you can't just give us a taste like that and leave it at that...I'll look forward to the next chapter!


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