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Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Vibrations of reality-a visit to an ancient menhir site

 After our visit to the reenactment fair, the magic troll had that smile on her face that told she had a surprise prepared. And so we drove through the aetherical landscape of the Wetterau, with a big sky above us.

The sun was singeing through the clouds, making for a dramatic background. Rays of light touched the rolling hillsides, tingeing the green ever so much greener.
 There is that historical hiking path, including stone age, bronze age, iron age and modern sites.

 She was so lovely with this wreath, that I simply had to pick her some flowers...
 In the hedge, along which we walked, caterpillars had set to work. There was a silken web spun between the leaves. A tale;-).
 Elderflower was blossoming... spring is there full tilt, and summer on the way!
 Dog rose (rosa canina, in German: HUndsrose). Great for syrup, schnapps, honey, lotions, body oils. Good against arthrosis, rich with vitamins and minerals, and simply fragrant. I also use them for incense smokes and tea.
 A view towards Münzenberg castle.

 The sky was high, the earth was strong and pulsing vibrantly beneath our feet.
 Common yarrow (achillea millefolium, in German: Schafgarbe) Good for tea, against bronchitis, cramps and the like, ...and....
 ...not good against witches at all;-).

Another view towards Münzenberg castle.


 Then we arrived at the site. It is a prehistorical burial site, a neolithic stone cist grave. It is called "Der heilige Stein" in local colloquial language, meaning "The sacred stone".

Sage (Salvia officinalis, in German: Salbei) is very rare in Germany as a wild plant. Here it grew, and was in blossom.

I looked into the darkness of the grave. I greeted the North and the South. I greeted Earth and Sky. We kissed, gently, and it began to rain, very softly. The sheep on the pastures went mad for but a brief moment, and birds twittered loudly all around us, and all of a sudden.

And we knew.
We remembered, and we will remember. Aeons have passed since our souls were born, aeons will pass over the scarred rocks. We will die, as we have died, and live, for death was never, death is not but a wanderer in reality. Rain and sun will beat upon the rock, and wear it away, and the stars will dance above the ruins.

But the flowers now blossom, and birds sing. Is there more to say? I daresay not.


  1. I may not agree with your beliefs, yet I understand many of your feeelings, if that makes any sense.

  2. Three strands of bedstraw wound to a wreath
    A kiss at a standing stone, feel Mother Earth breathe
    Sage and Hawthorne surrounds us, sheep bleating aloud
    Magic shines brightly like sun through the cloud
    Soft rain starts falling and earth starts to scent
    A never ending embrace of two lovers and the land

  3. @Gorges: This is a very great thing. Not because I want to be understood, or not solely because of that, for everyone wishes to be understood. But for that fact, we can share and discuss. I believe that after the fall of the tower of Babel, man has been erratic in many ways. The only way to even see God, is to talk to each other about the individual perspective, especially in these times. You do. And as I said on another occasion, that makes you a very great man. May the name of your God be with you always, and remain as you are, for it´s good that way. Ah, and must I mention that makes sense to me?;-)


    Herbs in the wind,
    wind in the reeds
    reeds swaying,
    swaying in the wind.

    swaying with the wind
    wind blows us away
    away through the void,
    void of time,

    time over the rocks
    over rocks passing,
    passing, gently breathing
    breathing the pulse of the Mother

    swirling the stars,
    stars pulsating
    pulse of the land,
    and in the song two lovers in time.

    time over stones,
    stones bearing sage,
    sage and hawthorne and bedstraw,
    by bedstraw and hawthorne and sage
    by the land and by the song,
    of the wind that walks through reeds...

    my love walks with you through time.


Now go on, discuss and rant and push my ego;-). As long as it´s a respectful message, every comment is welcome!

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