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Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Spring herbal syrup

I made some spring herbal syrup the other day, and this is how I made it:

I took:

1 handful of sweet woodruff
1 handful strawberry leaves and flowers
1 handful ground ivy
1 twig ground elder
1 handful sorrell with flowers
1 tablespoon dandelion flower seed starnds
3 twigs of salvia
0,3 l liquid honey
0,1 l citric acid
1 orange (untreated)
1 teaspoon of Vodka

Cut orange in thin slices (leave peel on!). Chop herbs coarsely and mix. In a wide-mouthed bottle or jar lay out the orange slices. Add one layer of herbs. Cover with honey. Add another layer of orange slices, another one of herbs until the deal´s done;-). Add citric acid and vodka. Cover the jar with a lid. Let rest for three days. Put in a pot, boil for half an hour, constantly stirring and removing the foam. Pass through a sieve. Fill into a tightly closing bottle. Enjoy!;-)

By the way, I will not be made responsible for any headaches or other maladies, it´s all your fault when you collect stinkin´ toxic woodruff;-). Read before using, and build your own opinion when using herbs in what way ever. Do not try to make your own syrup at all, and do not use wild plants, if you are not sure what you collected in the first place...

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