Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Not enough to do;-)...Cannondale Furio X6 conversion into an allmountain bike

I rummaged through my cellar and found this;-) a Cannondale Furio F6 mountainbike frame with triple-butted Aluminium, and some components I had lying around. I build this one for the magic troll to get around to do all the foraging and stump and prehistoric burial site sitting we have to do ;-) when she´s over here... plus, I talked her into giving it a try;-)...

I admit I am a bit ambitious as for promoting her skills, for that is one weakness of mine-promoting people towards a skillful riding style and fun, no matter if they want it or not *ggg*. Kidding aside, Hagen is a basterd to get around, and the sooner you leave the city, the better, and only with a bike you can get to those places really worth visiting.

The bike will be built as a lightweight <13kg freeride / long travel hardtail, meaning, there will be a suspension fork from 120-160 mm fitted up front. Components are SRAM x9 shifters on SX-4 rear mech and front mech, a Deore bottom bracket, and there´s already a Magura HS-33 hydrostop hydraulic brake in the rear. The front will see a Magura Louise Freeride disc brake. Cranks will be ancient Shimano Deores. The fork will be either a Rock Shox Tora 120 mm or a Marzocchi 55 ATA, depending on what I can do to my other fork;-). Wheels depend on what I do with my personal wreck, too, my Norco. If I can afford new ones, there will be some Mavic crossride wheels, if not, Hone hubs and Rigida Taurus rims with PHAAAAT tyres (Michelin RippR 2,4");-). Saddle is a Selle Italia with some fat padding that works well for me... she has to see, if it suits her.

Certainly an exercise in resourcefulness;-), and that´s good fun.

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