Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

At the Bethaus smithy-a great sunny Sunday on mother´s day

 My ol´mum ;-)was doing party somewhere else and had no time to get some flowers, so I met with Kai and Marie instead, and we did a tour of the Muttental. We came to Volker´s place, and I took some photos.
 This is Volker working with Pascal, who came by to have a go at some first blacksmithing experiences.
 Together they made a steel heart for Pascal´s mother. Every mum who visited the Bethaus that day, got a glass of Prosecco and a steel heart pendant.
 ...burning heart!*ggg*
 As usual, there were a load of kids having a go at blackmithing, and those were just the passers-by!
 ...pounding Pascal!

 Looking on and tech-talking...

 Master and apprentice...
 Those are Birgit and Renate, some more members of the staff, friendly people all!
Volker´s got some beeshives, too...

We had a delicious piece of cake, a big cuppa coffee, thought about our mums and then went on our merry way. Marie had a fit of arachnophobicphobia (fearing people who fear spiders*ggg*), and we talked a pile of rubbish, basked in the sun, and simply enjoyed the day.

Life is good!

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