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Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Orgonite Orgone ritual knife

I wanted to do a piece that incorporates my view on "magic" and a bit of a fantasy design... hey, it´s arts as well as crafts;-), and even if I feel a bit peculiar about that blade shape;-), I figured I´d give it a try. Still does not work as intended, but this is how I started the whole thing: I took sheepswool and fine (OOO) steel wool...
... both felted into one strand...
 ...around a mild steel rod...
 ...added another layer of wool...
...and wrapped copper wire around it.

Then I fitted it into the bush knife´s handle, with but a mild Orgon effect, so I will experiment with a crystal, a haematite magnet and some more copper. Downside is, that the knife will become rear-heavy... hmmmm... still thinking....*ggg*

I will keep you informed!

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