Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

What hatchet? One of the many reasons I still forge;-)

 That´s one of the many reasons why I, despite all the great Moras of this world, still forge. Had an idea. Made for the fire, took the hammer, and did it. Did not work out the way I wanted (closed the tang somewhat sloppy and forgot to straighten it again, so I´ll do it again. Have to practice this design, however, for I am doing a tutorial with some soldiers of reserve soon...;-).

That´s a bush knife inspired by Tai Goo and Todd from primitivepoint (edit: and Perkunas from perkelesblog). Made from heebie-jeebie-goobalaba tank bearing steel;-). Oh wait, it´s unobtainium;-).... anyway, it´s magic metal....;-) the fairies gave to me, no, really!;-). I made it a legal carry, 11,5 cm long, with less than 1 % stock removal. It´s a fierce chopper, but due to the thinner blade, with just a ridge forged to the spine for stiffness, it actually works quite well for finer tasks. I haven´t tested it to the max yet, but it´s fast and nimble with the balance point on the finger groove. I chopped a spruce board with ease for a start, but we´ll see. When I´m in the mood, I am very fond of these knives. No handle to come loose, no frills to think about, just a piece of versatile metal.

Will make no po´man´s sheath, though;-), but one from leather, maybe with Molle straps or so... we´ll see...

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