Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Two sensible EDC knives;-)

 When I go to work and prepare for a stroll after that, and can´t take my entire equipment with me, nonetheless I like to be prepared, so I have my EDC survival box(es) in my jacket or vest, and these two knives get to rest in my pocket. The EKA hunter because it has a great blade for carving and bushcraft, and I trust it nearly as much as my fixed blades, it´s a solidly feeling knife. The blade is made out of 12C27 and tempered to some 58 HRC, quite high for that steel, but since it did not fail me, I will not complain.;-) The Victorinox locksmith has taken me out of so many challenges when working, that I can´t leave it at home, when I can´t bring my multitool. File, saw, blade, cap lifter, can opener, Philips head and flat screwdriver and awl, plus pincers and a toothpick I have never used for cleaning my teeth, but to clean the other knife;-), the pincers to remove legions of ticks, all make for a versatile and light package. The blade could be better, but it could easily be worse;-).

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