Montag, 16. Mai 2011

70.Schwelmer Trödelmarkt - BIG flea market event I helped to organize

 I´d thought I´d share some pics of the Schwelmer Trödelmarkt, the biggest and most atmospheric flea market in the region, which took place on May, 15th. I work for the corporation that organizes the event, amongst many, many other projects of city development and management, of business consulting and political networking. The flea market takes place in the entire city of Schwelm, two times a year, and attracts up to 80 000 visitors per time. New goods are strictly forbidden, and we actually control it many times a day. It´s always some kind of burning man atmosphere, for we try to keep the necessary rules and resulting fees to a minimum. The market lives on the party atmosphere of traders and visitors alike. 
Many of them camp there in the city for two days, and there is bartering around the clock.
 The weather was not so fine, but there were all kinds of people, and all in all they all were relaxed and friendly. We just had one asshole molesting children in a very disturbing way, so we got there with police enforcement and took care of him. I would have liked to take care of that old conker in another way, but they would not let me;-) and I had other tasks to do!
 On one particularily interesting booth I saw this fine ancient navigation kit, compass, magnifying glass and telescope!
 That booth resplendent with buddhistic symbols and ethnic art all over the place, of ancient artifacts, old handforged nails and fittings and a load of old rusty files. have enough steel lying around, so I kept clear this time;-).
 Another booth with fine art and artifacts and tools!
This is the booth of Khalil, a Syrian Curd selling ancient coins and artifacts. We always talk a bit when we meet on the market or other markets. He is aware of his culture and loves it, and he respects my culture. I , in turn, am interested in his;-). So we respect each other. I learned from him, and he learned from me. Obviously, he wants to betray me;-) but that´s simply part of that game, and I will not be betrayed. We always barter and in the process start yelling at each other and then get a fit of laughter and have a coffee.


I got myself-oh, what will it be... an artifact to be announced;-), from Khalil, and we both were very happy with the trade;-).

It was a long day of working, but an even longer one for my coworker. It was the tenth flea market event in Schwelm for her in a five year´s row, and she always works at least 24 h non-stop in the process. I want to express my respect for that. We might not be agreed all of the time, and often times she could kill me ( and me her;-)). But we work together nonetheless. I worked for 13 h non -stop, and then rode home some 20 km. I was all finished, but I now have a day off. My coworkerhas not. Hats off for her!

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