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Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Soulriding into the frosty realms;-)

 Yesterday the woods called out loud, and I answered by bike;-). Had to change my brake pads beforehand, but then it was venturing out into the forest. I love going by bike not only because it takes me places, but for the riding in itself, too, obviously. I had to take the road some kilometres, but then it was a long single- and doubletrack up the hill. Peace. Silence. Solitude. Into the dark spruce woods I ventured, and the higher I got, the more the frost had bitten into the trees´crowns. The ground was frozen solid, and what was formerly mud was rock-hard and dry, making for fun riding where the ground was smooth and hard work where there were swampholes.
 And the woods were dark, and a gentle breeze moved the crowns of old spruce and fir trees. I have loved this song, the song of the wind in the treetops, ever since I was a little boy. It was the first sound I heard consciously, and it will always be a part of my soul. If I could utter one wish, I would like to die my death hearing this song, when it is time. Of course, I hope, it will be some time coming, still, for life is still great!
 I found the scarf underneath those blades in the woods. I have made a sheath for Lugra-Moros, and its poem is also ready. Also, my Nessmuk has a garage, too, now;-). Bit crude, as always, but then I did not draw anything beforehand, DOH!*ggg* And it gets the job done, keeping the blades out of harm´s way. The Nessmuk sheath has an inlay of felted wool, by the way.
 Who was it that said there can be an entire forest in a cup of tea?*ggg* I rode to my favourite place, and had a cuppa tea, and sat on the root of a birch tree, put on extra clothes and a blanket, closed my eyes, and gave in to reverie and meditation.
 I sat there for one good hour. Then I lowered my saddle, put away my stuff, strapped my rucksack on tight, donned gloves and helmet and bested my personal best down that singletrail by 3 seconds. Time stands at 29 seconds now, down the Steinbruch trail.;-). Time to beat, Jandark, Kai and the others!*ggg*
 This is the place, a peaceful, silent place above the lake.
 The trees are slowly awakening!

 And the winter solstice hints that the light is always growing stronger. I want to give to you the hope that night is waning and spring is on the way. These ice crystals I found by the trailside hint of that, too, at least in my book;-). They bear the light in their cold heart as well as the darkness. They will melt, and they dissolve the light into thousand colours.
 No life without death, I thought, no spring without winter, no fire without earth, no earth without fire, no water without air, no air without water. Or fire, or stone.
 This light shines in the darkness. It is the star that is hidden beneath the roots of the mountains.
It is the star that is hidden in the crystal, which in turn is hidden inside my soul. And that crystal will not melt.

Dream mode over and out*ggg*, all in all, a great ride of sic et non, of contrasts and of harmony. 
Perfect for me....;-)


  1. Like the knives. What's the funny-looking blue thing with the wheels on it? I don't see them in the woods around here. ;-)

  2. It´s a weapon of mass destruction:-) and lays low entire landscapes, no really it is:-). It is the main reason that there is erosion, pollution and floods in the first place, and has constructed the HIV -virus in its hobby shop cellar. Plus, it kills any hiker and horseback rider in the periphery of 500 square miles...:-). Only hooligans ride it with the intent of destroying anything green. Might I add that those hooligans NEVER have a job?*ggg* And rely entirely on the social wellfare system to live on?*ggg*

    The reason you have still woods is you do not have them over there!;-) Look at the Gobi desert, before mountainbikes came there, it was a jungle!:-)

    Kidding aside, this is my trusty steed to get me places...:-) and have some fun in the bargain.


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