Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

On the bench....;-)

 I have been working on several blades I had lying around. This is the first one, a gift for a very special person;-) and you know who you are:-). I post it in spite of maybe ruining the surprise, for I guess you can do with some joy at the moment... turned a bit awry, that knife, for I had another blade for it. It broke when trying to peen the tang:-( so I took the one I made for myself instead. Tried, and tested on nail and file.... ancient spring steel with a carbon content of about 0,75 % and nothing else in terms of alloy. It has a scandi grind, and a rather thin blade with a differential temper. The handle is birchwood burl.

 Detail of the handle... this is a blood agate I set into the wood.
In the moment, many things are going awry, and that handle had a crack.
Carved it out thoroughly and set the agate in with epoxy gum.

The knife as is... will see some decoration on the handle still...

The tang is peened over this decorative disc I found in a arts and crafts shop.

This is a blade I made some months ago from leaf spring steel. Originally I wanted to fit some bolster pieces I took from an old umbrella I found in the woods, but turned out it were too thin to make for a decent grip on the handle. So a decent piece of stag antler crown and a brass headpiece.

The blade is rather thick, a "murderous and clumsy looking one", Mr. Nessmuk would turn over in his grave so fast you could link a generator to him and use him to make electricity*ggg*, but harm´s done, it´s a Fimbulmyrk knife after all;-). Scandi grind, and  a high one, in combination with the wide blade making for a great cutter. Differential temper, and fiercely tested.

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