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Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Puma IP Tosca Flea market findings and a meeting with Bünyamin

 On Sunday I set out to visit a flea market around my place, just some streets away. I packed my pack and strolled casually over. And what did I find there?;-) This is Bünyamin Erdogan´s booth. I have met him several times now, but have not seen him for a long time, some four years or so. I even had his number once and we planned to stay in contact more, but as is, there were a load of other things on my head and my life took funny directions. But, as is, fate knows to guide you weird ways;-) so we met again. I really enjoyed it, for he is a very friendly Turkish gentleman and it´s always a privilege to talk to him! He has a load of Solingen cutlery, and I got myself some great knives at a really bargain price. This is one of them:
 Puma IP, Tosca, stag antler scales, 440C, nice thin spine and a convex bevel. The knife originally was designed by Jens Nettlich, a blacksmith, working in the tribal knifemaking tradition (even makes some hollow tang "bush knives" like the ones Taigoo makes) who inspired myself a lot.
 I especially like the dynamic lines of the knife. It screams "I CUT!" at the top of its lungs. The price I paid for my treasures was outright ridiculous in a positive way.
Many people know Maitland Othello and Othello Anton Wingen knives. They are very rare. I daresay every third knife at this booth was of the variety, at very reasonable prices. Historical Solingen hunting knives, "Nicker", bowie knives, skinners, everything you could ask for or dream of. This is a collector´s wet dream come true.  I especially like the traditional Bavarian attire knives in the pic below!
 Folding knives galore... many of them very rare
 Anton Wingen or Maitland Othello, Puma and Carl Schlieper knives.

 He also showed me this Anton Wingen razor with handforged damascus blade and staghorn scales.
 Detail of the damascus blade...
 And this is a very, very rare Puma skinmaster knife with ivory scales.
 The knife in its box, along with a certificate.
We chatted quite a lot and came to the conclusion that we should stay in contact more;-). he also makes knives himself and I invited him to the Industriemuseum hammer - in... maybe even with a booth? He certainly is a most friendly guy, and I really liked to meet him again after all those years. If you want to see more of his products, visit his ebay- shop of many quality razors, kitchen knives and sharpening tools.


  1. The top knife looks like an old Herter's knife that was my favorite for years, until it got lost in a move.

  2. Might be of a similar heritage-it was originally designed as a kitchen / allround knife. I already tried it out, and it´s a very able cutter. It´s a joy to prepare food with. As for the Herder knives: They are quite certainly a lot of people´s favourite, and, available in C 75/ C 80 / C 100 carbon steels, are able to be stropped wickedly sharp. I daresay it might have been the Yatagan or a "Hechtsäbels Kniep" (bowie blade?). I have to do some research, but I am quite sure Herder´s got a webshop. Other than that, might be Bünyamin has some lying around. You can contact him via his Ebay shop (linked in the post), and I guess it won´t cost an arm ans a leg;-).


Now go on, discuss and rant and push my ego;-). As long as it´s a respectful message, every comment is welcome!

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