Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Nessie´s coming along... a progress shot.

That´s how it looks now, blade coarsely ground, copper ferrule fitted, handle tanned and glued in place, tang riveted inside. Have to fill the unsightly holes at the end of the stag´s crown with epoxy and maybe set a deco disc or wood (or maybe a rock crystal:-)?) into the end of the crown. The blade will see some polishing and a bit of etching to bring out the structure and to add to a vintage look. As for a sheath... I am currently thinking about making myself a kind of ditty / crane bag with a sheath inside (under the flap)... would be my first take on that, and I have to try that out:-)...

I already cut a bit with it and the temper´s quite there, and the blade´s geometry and edge line in the first place is great for allround tasks... I am satisfied.;-) 

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