Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

First steps towards a crane / ditty bag

I am working on a new ditty or crane bag (corr bolg), which will contain a set of knives, lashes for a flashlight, some utilities and miscellaneous "on-body-gear". I am currently doing some concept work, for I have to decide which knives / utility gear I want to fit in. The knives will get a proper sheath inside the bag, with the flap going over them. Big and small Nessies will go inside,

...and the would-be big utility, too... The leather is untanned cowhide, 6 mm, and it will make the backside of the ditty. Maybe I will make a sheath or lash  for  a small hatchet at the backside to go outside. The rings are tempered steel from a bull rig. You can see what material I will make the shoulder strap from lying at the bottom of the pic.

Will take some time, and I will keep you informed. First, the big utility will be completed, in a similar way to the Nessie. Then it will be a whittler, maybe big and small, all antlered, a spooncarver, a poker, a firesteel, a tin can opener and bottleopener / screwdriver, maybe a drill and a multitool (drill incorporated in the multitool?). Then a Orgonite Orgon palm stick which can also serve as a pocket / hand warmer, for meditational purposes and the like;-). On the latter (and an Orgonite Orgon staff) a feature will come soon, for I have made some pretty strange experiences with that, and apart from all the nonsense you can find on the web, I figured out there is a grain of truth in all that hype... and hey, it´s also a corrbolg after all, so I can stick as many esoteric rubbish into it as much as I like*ggg*. Just kidding, as usual.

So the bag might take some time to be ready, but I really look forward to this project.

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