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Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Winning the Horace Kephart-lookalike contest for 50 cents;-)-Flea market find

 This is a Solingen Loewen - Messer kitchen knife I found on a flea market some time ago. Joel reminded me of it here. It certainly is NOT an original, what with a half tang, and the blade lacking the curve. What it is, however, is a very serviceable knife with a C 75 blade, a flat grind, a spine that´s neither too thick nor too thin, and a Cocobolo wood handle.
Half tang with little tolerances, and that´s a thing! I will seal the remaining tolerances with epoxy, drill a lanyard hole, maybe do some carving to the handle and make a sheath for it. That it...;-). Outa the box sharpness leaves something to be desired, but then the box was a plastic one full of rusty files, screwdrivers, junk wire and rusty rain water...;-), already had a little go at the handle. But we´ll see!


  1. Damn...I wish we had flea market with such finds over here...No such luck though :-(

    All you have to do is round all the corners to have a nice smooth, rounded handle and you got yourself a Kephart! it's pretty much the same profile as the great man's knife. The Kepharts' sheath is dead easy to make too! You lucky devil!

  2. I live nearer to you Markus...The postage will be cheaper! :-)

  3. Look at the recent post, I did some research for you, you can have ´em new and cheap...;-), and even with a leather sheath.


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