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Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Working on the Fimbulmuk knife:-)

 I currently work on my Nessmuk knife. I want to keep it quite traditional, even the material hints towards the era (wrought iron laminate steel), stag antler. My only addition is a copper bolster, and a tang that`s peened over the handle.
 Checking for the looks...
 I even burned out the tang hole, a method that was traditionally employed by 19th century blacksmiths quite often.
 The handle I tanned by burning on the open fire, waxed and sanded a bit. Have to file out the tang hole for fit. The blade is already ground a bit.
A detail of the handle. I will fit a copper ferrule to strengthen the handle when peening, for that can be a bit abusive on the stag antler.

I really hope that this time it´s going well. Had some bad luck with my work recently, and not all was plain sloppiness on my part. I look forward to this knife.


  1. Antworten
    1. D'you know, that knife look very much like one I made, banana/Nessie-ish forged blade and antler. That blade was the first I forged, but I had entended for it to be long and straight! I think I epoxied the blade into the antler first, then drilled and pinned. I think a copper ferrule will look super.

  2. Damn, forgot my camera;-) but it´s coming along...;-)...

    Tang´s a bit short, so I will sink a disc inside and peen it over that and hide the unsightly holes underneath a deco disc from bronze. I´ll keep you informed...


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