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Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

I forgot to mention: Mr. Hochstein´s got a new homepage

Apologies to Mr. Hochstein, who mailed me some months ago to inform me about his new site.As it goes, I had my mind on many other things and simply forgot to feature him, which I promised. So here it is, and did I enjoy it? BOY, did I!:-)

Click here to get there, and to appetize you a bit, here´s one I like a lot:

Leather work he also makes in quite a superb quality:
And here´s a pic of a great folding knife many would kill for:

I hope to meet him and his father on the Jagd und Hund Expo, which will take place in Dortmund in February!


  1. It´s got a lot to do with the individuals (father and son Hochstein) behind the work. I have seldom met people as calm and modest, and they simply love what they do! This in turn shows in their work.


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