Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Jagd und Hund Expo Dortmund 2012

On Tuesday, the 31st of January my highlight of the year will start in the "Westfalenhallen" neighbouring city of Dortmund. It will take place from 31.01.2012 until Sunday, the 5th of February. There will be roundabout 686 corporations on display, the entire area is about 48.000 m² big. There will be about 79.000 visitors (That number is from 2011). There will be corporations from 34 countries.

Many interesting and important topics will be dealt with. For instance, there will be a theme booth on Geocaching. This sport is currently booming worldwide and quite naturally there are conflicts with other groups as well as some ecological challenges still to be discussed. For the first time, groundspeak, one of the biggest geocaching platforms on the internet and partner of the national hunting association in Germany, will be present and inform about this topic as well as be ready to adress any conflicts face-to-face.

A load of activities will take place, too many to mention them all, but there will be an offroad parcours in expo area 3B, where there will be quite a bit of action (a 5 m teeter - totter on a truck anyone;-)?), a show of hunting with birds of prey (my favourite last year), a show of many different races of hunting dogs, fashion shows, fishing demonstrations and many such like. There will be products from bargain-priced up to high-end geardo equipment;-), guns, ammunition, knives (many very well renowned knifemakers have announced their venue, and I especially look forward to the Swedish, Czechian and Hungarian knifemakers. Loads of delicious food, discussions and meeting people. You can have a good insight on all the actions in this brochure here. If you want to display your products, you can get info here and here.

I look forward to meeting with Per, Martin and Ulf from Karesuando kniven, Mr. Hochstein, Mr. Morsbach from Otter knives, who will be there hopefully, the friendly folks from the Wildfarm Best and all those others, and I have saved the entire year to get me some gear and simply have a ball. I will keep you informed;-), no really, I will!;-)

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