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Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Spring is on the way!

 Went for a stroll, and the birds were all singing, the sun was warming, all was coming back to life again.
 Beautiful crocus...
 These are the ants... my only friend, the ants*ggg*....(formica rufa). I find them quite an interesting species, and fortunately they are prospering again around these parts. They play a very important role in the ecosystem, taking care of carcasses and rubbish alike and getting rid of vermin.

Vines... honeysuckle, I´d guess;-), and certainly no marjoram...

Nettles are coming! I love them for soup and tea, and have to get my foraging bag ready!

Spring is here, and I love it!


  1. Honeysuckle indeed, no marjoram this time *g*
    I love the Pulmonaria officinalis (Lungenkraut/Lungwort) in the next pic, haven't seen any around here for some time, it's a great little herb for curing respiratory ailments :)

  2. ..have to try that out... WALDWUFFL!;-) Danke...


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