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Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

Foraging ride, spooncarving, stumpsitting and some thoughts

 On Tuesday I had a lot to contemplate, and what works best for me in these cases, I did. I took out my bike and ventured to the birch grove to do some stumpsitting, tapping birches and doing some foraging.
 On my way there was life sprouting and blossoming everywhere. It was very warm, birds were singing in every tree, and waltzing with each other in the air. Coltsfoot was sprouting, and I got some for tea. I also love this warm and vibrant colour that simply warms my heart. Life is on its violent way, prospering again after the dark nights of winter.
 This little forager did some foraging on its own account;-)... the first bumblebee I saw this year!
 I came to the grove and quickly set out to work...
 I got myself a breast drill for the tapping. It is an old tool I found on a flea market, and I made a tap from blackthorn for multiple use. Also tested my sgian dhú knife.
 The tap. I got some 1,5 litres of birch sap in some four hours. I drank a good pint of it immediately, and I feel as if I could sense an immediate effect. It simply feels good to drink birch sap, and I am right grateful for being able to do so. As for numbers, it´s rich with potassium and vitamin C, but I feel that there´s still more to it. Makes your hair grow (back, NOT!*ggg*).Miruvor?
 Then I sat by the stones, did some forms and a bit of meditation. There was a strange calm coming over me while doing so, as if I froze, and when this occured, a hare came into the grove, looked at me, shat a big pile of dung and went on his way. Of course I fumbled my camera, was too astonished, but who wants a picture of a shitting hare anyway?;-) I laughed a bit, came to life again and draped some flowers on the stone.

I want to wish a person utterly unknown to me a good journey, a journey into the unknown. She came from the unknown and is headed there. May the colours of the sun warm her soul on her way. May the wheel never cease to turn. May the stars smile upon her way. And even if she is not known to me, I want to thank her, for the happiness that has come into my life would not be if not for her.

To my readers: Some of you might understand. Some of you might feel offended by this picture or this cryptic muttering. I do not apologize. But I wish to you the same. May the life that springs forth from the beginning of the year warm your heart. Regardless how you call it, may you find your blessing in life itself and comfort in the cold. May your heart be warmed by the force that warms up this life.

And to the most beloved person in my life, the long lost and finally found friend of my soul: No words, but this picture of a cup of tea.
 Did some carving, too, and there now is a wood spirit outlined at the end of the spoon I made last time;-).
 After all this, I plugged the birch, said a thank you. Please always tap a birch above stock height (about 1,20 m) to help her regenerate. Plug the tree with a piece of clean wood from the same species.
 And cut it flush. If you have it at hand, smear the wound with special gardening healing earth. If you want another round of sap, take another tree. It will be grateful;-) in being alive next year still.
The sun was sinking, when I made for the long way home. I rode down that technical singletrail and had quite a ball, I was full of energy from basking in the sun and the birch sap I drank....drunk on tree sap, imagine;-)!


  1. Indeed ,life is returning to the world. I love the return of warmth and sunlight. I went on a cycle ride yesterday and saw a couple of butterflies. The air is still cool, but that's alright, it's SUNNY!!! And, a first, so earlier in the year for me: a couple of nights ag I saw a bat going about it's business outside! In March...That's early I think.

    1. Nature is simply running wild, and I like it.

  2. Good one. I love foraging.

    1. It is fascinating how little is needed to live a wonderful life! Nature provides for us all, if we want to learn and are a little grateful.

      Thanks, Keith.

      My regards,


  3. Antworten
    1. Truth!;-) We know both what is meant, don´t we?;-)



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