Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Forging at the Bethaus Smithy- and a new damascus neck knife / whittling knife

 I met Volker the other day at the Bethaus smithy to have a chat about the oncoming season and had the opportunity to do some quick forging, and that´s what came out (top to bottom): Leaf handle knife (spring steel), little teenie weenie whittling seven-bar damascus (tank bearing, tank cannon), and an integral En-Nep from silver steel.
 I also had quite a bit of good natured talk with Volker. Missed you, dude!
 The damascus blade cried: I want to be made! on top of its lungs, so I set to work immediately;-). Stag antler, and the coin shows how small the blade is.
 Made a sheath for it with some jewellry.
 The antler, tanned.
 The spine varies from 0,8 to 2,4 mm in thickness.
 I fitted a stone I found on the banks of the river Rhine for jewelry... like the colour.
 The other side of the blade.
 overall details...

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