Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Birch sap rises! Tapping sap and spoon carving...

 Now spring´s coming with giant steps, and the sap rises everywhere, so I went into the "grove" and figured I´d get me a healthy and refreshing drink. Birch sap is rich with potassium and vitamin C, and it simply makes me feel good. It also always has something spiritual for me, for the forces of the land awaken in the rising of the sap, and tn my own body the sap also rises, bringing new vitality after winter. It´s also a very special place for me, where I do a lot of "stump-sitting". I tried two methods, one with an open system, and one with a closed one.
 If you use the closed system, remember to punch a secondary hole into the cap, for else the pressure will build up inside the bottle and keep the sap in the tree.
 I sat down on my favourite stump, had  a cuppa tea and did some spooncarving from this cherry branch I brought with me. This is the gear I usually carry. A folding saw I got cheap after I lost my Oyakata from Westfalia, a local crafts supply. Mora Classic carving knife, the one with 79 mm laminate blade for more delicate tasks, Nessie a.k.a as Fimbulmuk;-) for bigger tasks. Also my flask, and my beloved kuksa for tea.

In this photo there also is a Mora spoon carving knife (right handed), which to me is a great allround carving knife I also use for other tasks. I sat until the sap bottle was full, and my tea flask was empty;-) some three hours, and then had a sip or two of sap. A squirrell came by just to check on me, a snipe flew above me, geese above, and the sounds of ducks and cormorants filling the air. The sun was warm and soothing, and I really relished in it all.
The sun was sinking over the lake, finally,  and on my way home I was filled with peace and the song of snipe and wild geese returning. A beautiful and peaceful day found a fitting end with the vibrant colours of dusk.

(Of course, the sap did not last me long. ;-))

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