Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Another day in the smithy-woodworking tools and progress on my rune knife / Sgian Dubh

Had some fun in the smithy yesterday... we had a nice chat, a cuppa coffee and a piece o´cake and talked about the oncoming season, and then we lit the forge.

And it was productive, too. From left to right:
Bigger whittler for the crane bag, two small ones for the magic troll;-), and a spooncarving knife. Except for the latter which is from spring steel, all are wrought iron / tank bearing laminate steel. Spine thicknesses from 0,8 - 2 mm. Got the warping blues when tempering but daresay I got it wired in the end...
And here´s a shot of some progress on my rune knife / sgian dhú knife. I fitted a piece of blackthorn into the handle.

 Like this, see;-)? Could be made more cleanly, I admit it, but I am not one for work that does not incorporate a BIG sledge hammer and a big amount of grunting...*ggg*

 Also started a damascus bush knife from a piece of scrap damascus Matthias Zwissler gave to me.
Carving tools galore;-) coarsely ground. To the right is  a gouge I made a long time ago from 100Cr6 steel and that will get a home in my crane suitcase;-).

Those tools were fun to make, and I look forward to completing them. Oi, there, halt, the two for the magic troll are part of an experiment*ggg*.

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