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Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

The finished whittling knife for the magic troll;-)

This is the finished knife I presented to the magic troll;-). I hope she enjoys it, for she can do with some joy at the moment. Laminate steel blade, wrought iron and tank bearing steel. This laminate was made by Matthias Zwissler, my tutor and mentor, and I reforged it. That whittler was made from a leftover piece. The handle is carved blackthorn, and no, MOOSWUZL*g*, I would not be offended if you polish it up a bit, it was made in somewhat of a rush;-).
I etch-burned runes in it. This is *eiwaz (yew, sorcery, death, endurance, magic), traditionally (presumeably, of course) used as a reinforcement of  inscriptions.
The inscription reads: *Gibu Auja (I give happiness), for I sincerely want her to be happy.:-).

The bird´s head. I hope it serves her well, and I look forward to what she does to and with it. Since she is a greatgreatgreatgreat craftswoman, look here for what she does to it;-).

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