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Dienstag, 20. März 2012

New neck knife project on the bench

A new neck knife project I started. A damasteel stainless damascus blade, 80 mm, by Peter Abel, spine thickness 2 mm, roe deer antler handle. I have yet to decide what bolster it will get and I am thinking about bone or buffalo horn or Mammoth ivory... we´ll see. It will see some incrustation at the pommel, too, maybe some amber...


  1. How about leather and brass...Are you going to leave all the pointy bits on the handle? They look like they would be mightly unconfortable to hold!

  2. Naaay, of course not, I am no masochist;-)...they look great, though... I´ll think about that mountainman style, as you know you really got me on track again with your recent project!

  3. Glad to be of use occasionally!

  4. ...occasionally;-), fishing for compliments, are you?*ggg*


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