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Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

Another whittling knife...

This is a whittling blade I made only but recently for the magic troll from tank-bearing / wrought iron laminate steel. I am currently still about if I should actually mount that blade, for it is rather soft. I forged it out rather thin, and it seems the soft iron sides were overlapping the steel to an extent that impaired it taking a temper. I will try removing the iron from the edge part more than usual and see what happens. It will be too thin then to re-temper it, so, if in doubt, I´ll rather make a spring steel blade, for there´s no laminate left. Have to make some myself soon, but then there´s no harm in using spring steel. To be honest, I make better knives from spring steel than from some fancy 1.28whatsoever material, for I got the tempering wired I could do it in my sleep.

 I carved a handle out of blackthorn that will see a bird´s head carving at the end of the handle... I will keep you informed!;-)


  1. I must try to get my forge sorted and some forging done again!

    1. Having seen your birka and folder designs, I really look forward to that.

  2. Antworten
    1. Thanks a lot, I keep on trying.;-) I am not so enthused, for I made it in somewhat of a rush...


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