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Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

Pimp my blade;-)-Restored an old an trusty knife

 You might be familiar with this knife, for it has served me for some ten years now. Recently the pommel, which was tagua, fell off, and I catched the opportunity to refreshen it a bit. I am relatively pleased with the outcome. I etch-burned the ornaments and made a pommel out of blackthorn with a mosaic pin.
Blade is forged from an old chisel, tempered in a linseed-oil / urine / ash concoction after the "curicus und offenhertzig weinartzt" from 1723, which led to something like a bainite temper, making for a tough and flexible yet very durable blade. I recently sharpened it for the first time! I really love this knife now.


  1. Thanks, Gorges, and that comment is somehing to think about. Thanks for that, too, it´s great you still stick around despite my being a stinkin´hippie at times!


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