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Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

One man´s trash...

 ... is another man´s treasure;-). I went for a stroll on Wednesday and found this coil of spring steel by the roadside someone had disposed of... some 120 knives in it, value 35,00-250,00€ per piece. So this coil could have a value of at least 4.200,00 €, for you Mammonist arseholes out there. Get the clue that you could use your crap or get them to be properly recycled and spoiling the countryside a little less? I, for one appreciate your crap, but there are few who would dispose of your waste that way. And I have no use whatsoever for all the plastic shreds littering the roadsides, and the forests, too.
 And a nice piece of bone for carvings I found beside the road, presumeably from a pig stilt or soup beef.
I daresay it will make for some interesting colouring....

Those are my treasures, and my coin. Weird indeed;-).


  1. Blimey, that must be a BIG spring! Looks pretty new too...good find Markus.

    And yes people have vile habits of dumping stuff everywhere. I did a cycle ride yesterday, on little lanes, and I can say I haven't seen even a 50 metres section that was not covered in junk...same today too, cycling to work 10 miles away.

    1. I try to reuse as much as Ican, but there´s a limit, and I can´t see why I should store that plastic junk in my flat just because it might come in handy some day. I have organized trash collecting outings where we collected other people´s junk, but also to that there´s a limit. If only people would wake up!

  2. Good post, good find,& I totally agree!

  3. Your hint on "120" knives in that spring reminded me of a "deal" we'd arranged quite some time ago.
    Wouldyou-couldyou still show me how to forge a knive? =)

    But I think it's better to exchange mails on that topic, instead of talking via this commenting functionality imho. So drop me a mail when/if you read this. ;)


    1. I couldwouldshould;-) show you how to do it, and I will be at the Bethaus smithy (Muttentalstr. 35, behind the Zeche Nachtigall) in the Muttental on Sunday, the 1st of April, from 11-6p.m at the least. If you drop by, you could have a go at a blade. The kids are a priority, but other than that, a birka blade should be possible, maybe after the festival.


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