Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Traditional Hungarian hunting knives

This is my collection of traditional Hungarian hunting knives. I am quite interested into the ethnographical and morphogenetic influences of the Oriental, German, French and Hungarian folding hunting knives. Hungarian culture was strongly influenced by Turk-nomadic and other Oriental ethnies. It shows in the form of the blade, which supposedly shows an influence of the "Yatagan" fixed blade knife. The top three are hunting knives, the last was sold to me as a shepherd´s knife. The sickle-like short blade was used to ream the hooves of sheep, the large one. I especially like the one with the curved handle. All of them are slip-joint folders, with a high spring rate, but the one with the curved handle is kept open also by an intelligent geometry of spring and handle. It is virtually impossible to accidentally close the blade when doing sensible work. The steel of all three is stainless, but who knows from what quality;-). Except the second one from top, they hold an edge quite well, and that´s all one could ask for. Top is an Szalóntai István blade, the others are made by Mr. Belenczak. All handmade in Hungary, they come dead cheap nonetheless. Kinda rustic appearance, but that only adds to the charme of those little cutters... I love them and use them a lot as a clasp knife for backing up the backup knife that backs up my backup knife, which backs my backup knife up.*ggg*.

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