Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Great take and material on the Nessmuk knife variety

I was rummaging through the interweb when I came across Old Jimbo´s site, where I found this one knife:

Plus some material on George Washington Sears tools and some basic information on the guy... so Old Jimbo might forgive me for stealing his pic, because I strongly encourage;-) you to have a look there... I liked it, and yap, I still have that ancient sawblade lying around....;-)... The knife is made by Dale Chudzinski, hailing from Madrid, Co. New York, USA. Click here to get to his website.
The maker appears to have disappeared somehow;-), though, so I´d guess you´d better make your own or I suggest you contact some special reader of my blog ;-)
who makes them also;-), and well, by hand in the UK...guess those are three challenges at once ARR!ARR!ARR!*ggg*.

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