Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Flea market find: Another Horace Kephart-lookalike

 I recently read the book of Kephart;-) and realized I had a very similar knife to the one featured in his book as an allround knife for woodcraft lying around in my attic / warzone - turned - home*ggg*. I got it some 3 years ago from Bünyamin. It is a Widder Solingen make sold as a "pathfinder´s knife". It is made from carbon steel, flat ground, and has a thin blade. It stands the Solingen "nail test". In that the blade is laid on the fingernail or nowadays a ring of steel and pulled over it with the nail / ring forming a kind of wave in the edge. This wave has to roll through the edge from back to front, and the edge has to be straight after that. Quite an achievement!
The knife dates back to ca. 1950-1960. The handle is made from leather, fibre and brass washers. The pommel is brass also, and there is a not inside it to tighten the washer stack, The sheath is typical of the era, a simple one with no inlay, made from leather.

I feel inspired to do some research on the influence of overseas woodcraft authors on Solingen knifemaking...:-)

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