Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Forging session at the Industrial Museum Ennepetal

 On Sunday, it was time to come together at the industrial museum Ennepetal. The Krenzer family was there, too, and Rolf dropped by to forge, too. The Krenzer family is a family of blacksmiths from the Ennepetal who are doing a great job with kids and forging tools on historical machines at the Krenzer Hammer. They had a vernissage at the mueum of the exposition "MetallKunstWeltEN". I unfortunately had no time to visit the expo, but I will, and will inform my trusty and dedicated readers of it.;-)
 Rolf forging a Birka knife...seems he got the bug bad, too*ggg*... it´s a craze with us at the moment. Everybody seems to make Birka knives at the moment. And there are reasons: They take little energy to make, are dead simple, but offer a blacksmithing challenge.
 Talking of which, Willi doing it again: Making flimsy, teenie-weenie projects and doing his best to humble my efforts-great job, bro!*ggg*
 And he does one great job with the kids, too.
 Here he forges a knotwork key chain pendant. With kids. Respect!
I was all fluffy from two weeks of hard working and little to no sleep, so all I really got wired was this hammerhead. C 60 or something - or so Willi said;-).

I was taking it a bit easy, for I was very fatigued, had two to ten coffee, some cake and BRATWÜRST;-), and had a chat with Fritz and my mother, who dropped by, too. But a great day noenetheless. Work is going crazy at the moment, but that´s fine with me. It simply feels good.

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