Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Children´s birthday party at the Bethaus

 On Monday we lit the forge at the smithy, for it was "Kindergeburtstag", a children´s birthday party scheduled at the Bethaus, Volker´s place.
 I was there early and had a nice chat with Volker.
 We set up the material. We always insist on the kids wearing proper safety gear. They work a lot closer to the anvil´s surface, and there´s a high risk involved, so safety glasses are a must, as are fire-resistant gloves and an apron.
 Anvils set up, and ready for mission!
 We forged a wide variety of projects, from mini horseshoes to little Celtic knives to snake pendants, hearts and letters.
 The kids waiting in row.
 ...and apparently enjoying themselves!
 A miniature knife we handed to the adults, made from mild steel with a work-hardened edge. They carve actually. I am not so enthusiastic about the steel choice, but you have to do it quick, so spring steel´s not an option.
 And the kids enjoy them nonetheless! Oh, and the plaster´s not our fault*ggg* in case you ask*ggg*, not this time!*ggg*
 A big hit with the kids were those snake pendants with a knot in the tail-a Druidic good luck charm amulet actually!
 Having a good-bye chat. The adults were quite enthused about our work and gave a healthy tip on top of the price. Thanks for that, you´re welcome!
Oh, and that´s my favourite necklace these days;-). A striker Thor´s hammer pendant, a Thor´s hammer pendant, and my personal snake knot pendant I made as a practice.

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