Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Foraging bimble-´shrooms are ´shrooming!

 Last week I went on an after work foraging bimble. Above is St. John´s wort (Hypericum, in German: Johanniskraut). Good against depression, antiseptic and simply great to look at. I make St. John´s oil from it.
German camomile (Matriacaria chamomilla, in German: Kamille) for tea and baths. Antiseptic, against diarrhoea, flu, cramps, for wounds and rashes. You can make tea, baths, and body oils, balms and lotions from it.
You might be vaguely familiar with this place, but this time I thought I´d post a picture from another perspective for a change. The lake;-).
A bit of scenery;-)...
....and a red cap, yum.
Grazing through the underbrush;-) strawberries for dessert.
Simple, but a great afternoon I had and came back with a loot of herbs and ´shrooms.

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