Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Summer Fair for Zee Aylienz-Love, peace, happiness, rubber, chains and pain*ggg*

On Saturday, I was doin´my club a favor and was at the summer fair of zee aylienz (the aliens) as a blacksmith. Kinda fitting, for they have some flames as an emblem, and a mythology that fits (The death of my best friend and I created it, and it has a lot to do with me being a fan of Telesphoros. Watch this space...)
 Funny, though. One particularily witty*ggg* member of our club, who´s an aylien since some three years or so, addressed me in a very humourous manner and meant to strongly reprove me for not wearing any logo jersey or t-shirt. I had to laugh and informed him that I made the sketch for the logo in 1998 when I was drunk as shit on a handkerchief. It was Jandark who made a logo out of that scribbling, and that´s the reason people can now act the Gestapo with me in the first place. No problem really, but it made my day*ggg*.Other than that, the weather was fine, I had a load of coffee, wafers, BRATWÜRST!!!!, salad, and it was all delicious, and nice people came to gather around the forge. Funny, how people always linger around where the smoke is rising and find the reek of anthracite coal "delicious". There were many kids, and I forged my first heart with one of them:
 And it gave me ideas...;-) and more projects to make.
 Lukas came by to forge a "G" for his sweetheart, Gianna, who was busy selling cake and wafers and sausages, salad, coffee and the like that day. My respect goes to all those members who actually contributed to the event being a great one!
 Jandark and his lovely girlfriend, Julia, busy taking pics and falling severely in love;-). Bro, good to see you´re happy! See his pics for more impressions of the fair here.
 Lukas at the forge.
 ...and with a little help by the smith, this came out.
 Then he set out to forge an "L" all by himself. Good outcome, dude!;-)
 This, in turn, inspired Julia to forge "something pagan";-), a double spiral, all by herself. This was her first try at blacksmithing, and she did very, very well.
 Some big brutes;-) completely demolished the bouncing castle. But they seemed to have fun*ggg* kids will be kids, I daresay*ggg*:

Then the bands played, but I was still being busy. I had a lot to do, and it was good fun I had with the kids, the big ones as well as the small ones. Working for the club does not seem to be a waste of time always. And, folks, if you´re being nice I´d even consider linking you again*ggg*.

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