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Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

Progress on my Fimbulmuk

 Now this is a knife that I am increasingly fond of... It´s my trademark Fimbulmuk design that incorporates characteristics of the Canadian belt knife design and a Nessmuk. Scales are stag antler, the blade is Wootz steel I found in the woods. It still has to see some work, such as finishing, and a bit of filing and engraving, but as is, it´s a slicer.

I already put it through a bit of testing. it carves mild steel rods, chops stag antler, cuts funny curvatures into wet newspaper. When I tried its sharpness on the hair on the back of my head, I accidentally got myself a haircut...;-D Do I love it?

Yeah, I do!!! Plus, it´s a bit of a stinky finger into the face of all those know-it-all rationalists, for obviously you cannot find legendary steel in the woods....;-)


  1. I had one of Herter's Canadian style blades years ago and loved it. It skinned a lot of squirrels, some deer, and other things and processed quite a few panfish. It disappeared somehow over the years and I mourn it yet.

  2. It´s a special design that gets some getting used to it, but if you have done so, you love it.


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