Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

A long and beautiful Saturday

 Last Saturday was a day of meeting many people. Around lunchtime I met with Gesa, Mark, Erik and Per from "Frija Fresenia", some of my oldest (and youngest;-))friends, who now live in the North of Germany and whom I only get to see ever so frequently. I once worked together with Mark, who is a mason. Hopefully he will provide me with some pics and articles about his trade, for he is working in restoration of ancient Friesian stone houses and uses many traditional techniques of the trade. And Gesa is a very close friend of mine for about 19 years now, and this licce sister of mine;-) and I went through many ups and downs. I wish her all the best, for there are some downs in her life currently. But as they have a very great family and a big love for each other, I think they can manjage anything, and it gives me hope for my own life also.  
This is Mark, and little Erik, the berzerk;-) who missed his little girlfriend and was not a bit amused that the adults talked and talked and drank coffee and did not drive him to his little girl;-), but normally, he is quite a nice boy, well - mannered and well -bred;-)...
Little Per, however, had little interest in the situation beyond the good food provided by his mummy-yummy!;-) We talked a lot, and made mischief with the kids, and it was a great meeting we shall repeat soon.

Then it was off to Kai´s place to meet with that mad bastard;-). Of course, he had parts of him broken again. He always has something broken when we meet. This time it wasn´t the neck, but a big brute stepped on his chest when playing basketball in school - so some broken ribs and a spinal trauma this time. I might sound rude, but I wish him only the best, and hope, he will be well soon. I have to admire the way he takes it... that bastard;-) seems to feel no pain. Anybody else would lie around in bed. Kai showed me his new belt grinder... mind you, he even bought it this time!  
 This is his new dirt forge he made from an old steel box. Fire cement and a pipe tuyère setup. He broke his toes, too, when it smashed down from the table, I forgot to mention, but he did not limp any. Strange guy.
 The opening of the forge...
 And on the other side another door to push loooong steel projects through... I look forward to see a sword by him...
 Of course, the exit ;-) can be sealed with this firebrick he cut to size.
 The pipe tuyère.
 And this is his possibles pouch he stitched to keep his leather working tools in.

 Then Kai, Marie and myself went to Levin´s place ( Levin is a poet and likes Irish music a lot. We did some cooking together and had a ball. Quizzical question: What kind of music mind these weirdos like best...?*ggg*

I like cooking... you can use your knives and still be socially accepted;-). Nessie did a good job on the salmon filets;-).
Oh, what might that be....;-)

Physiognomics for newbies: What does a rectangular shape of ... erm... every body feature indicate;-)....??? Kai taking photos. I know this perspective is silly;-) but I like this kind of jokes...
 Marie sampling away all the cheese;-).
 Waiting for more cheese;-).
 It was pasta with salmon, tomatoes and a whole load of cheese and fresh basil... yumyum!
 Mind you, we even had a beer!*ggg*

 ...or two...*ggg*
 ...or three...*ggg*
 Levin presenting the food.. thanks again for the invitation, bro! Have to do that more frequently...;-).
 More food, more beer*ggg*.
 This is a drumstick Kai made for Levin. Oak.
 And what for? Levin played us the bodhrán a bit.
Talking shit (in German) and playing that drum...

we have to do a session soon!

 When I finally got home, I was full of good food and I really enjoyed this day. Good people, good friends, good food, and a beer or two or three... perfect.

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