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Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Progress on my Nessmuk folder

Here it is, put together, my Nessie folder. Blade is 80 mm long, handle is reindeer antler, and the blade is made from spring steel, very sharp and thin, with  aconvex bevel and a selective temper. But... of course something went wrong. Things only work by coincidence when I make knives, it seems. It´s wreck two, get one together- at the moment, at least. The handle chipped, for I had no decent washers to peen over. Have to take it apart again and do it all over again. Somewhat frustrating, but all my fault, being the ADS - squirrell I am...;-)


  1. Very nice Markus. I like it..I still have problems with washers. I can't find any to buy, of the right size. So I make my own now, out of 1 mm brass. They are not perfect but better than what's available it seems. I'd like to make them out of solid brass with a cone shape, but I think I woudl need a lathe, and that's not going to happen!

  2. I made them from copper tubing. Thinking about it, you might turn them in an electric drill with a file and an old chisel ground to size... turned the pivot axle that way....

  3. I haven't thought of that...I am going to try that, see if I can get them the way I want.

  4. Unusual design,I can see a little syrian influence in the blade shape,I like it!

  5. @joel: I will try it, too... haven´t thought of that myself, either.

    @buzzard: Is there really? Thought it had a bit of a Nessmuk style... have to do some research on that, thanks for inspiring me!


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