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Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

New Birka kitchen knife by Kai

Kai mailed me to show me his new Birka kitchen knife he made from a railroad spring clip. Blade length 19 cm, overall 32 cm. The spine is 3,8 mm thick, 2 mm at the tip, and 30 mm wide. He made a  presentation stand from oak. That knife stood up to most severe tests. He let it drop on concrete from 3 m height, whacked it with a sledge hammer, carved mild steel rods with it and did a load of things to it to void any warranty. It came out begging for more! I especially like the wood stand. Great work!!!

I really have to strain myself to keep up, but I am proud to have laid some groundwork for him taking up bladesmithing. His works are improving so fast you can almost watch him get better from day to day!

My deep respect to you, Kai!


  1. Complete with holder! You can't beat that!

    1. Don´t tell him, but the holder´s better than I ever managed!;-)


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