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Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Coming up with a tool carrying system / a versatile dangler system;-)

 My ditty / crane bag project really has my mind racing, and so I am currently thinking in many different directions. This is one of them. I want to fit knives and tools inside the bag and outside and on a belt. One solution I came by is this repair chain link. It has a thread and a nut, and two sheaths or pouches can ride comfortably on it. So I will stitch some loops inside the bag to thread that link through. Also I will make a belt loop and ground plate with a loop for two sheaths / pouches for the link to transfer it into a dangler system. That way you can carry anything you like either inside, outside or on your belt. Have to think of a slightly lighter solution, though, it´s heavy duty. But then it can double as a rope link in an
emergency (it is certified  to carry up to 150 kg).

Also, I have to test if it throws any sparks, that would be a real clincher...

I am planning on;-)...


  1. Good idea!

    Please consider disabling word verification.

    1. Thanks....

      ..I was thinking I already did?...disable word verification, that is? Have to check it. I am certainly no computer afficionado, you know.:-)

  2. The simplest ideas are generally the best.

  3. ...but also the hardest to come up with... that project drives me mad!:-)


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