Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Two new knives by Kai....

 I was at Kai´s place some days ago, and he had some new goodies ready. This one is a camp knife he made from 1.2842 steel, if I am not entirely mistaken, forged and ground, with a handle from beech with a fungus infestation that makes for an interesting grain. Unfortunately, he did a bit too much of a good thing and ground through the wood to the tang. But, hey, boy do I know how that is! All art is a recovery from the first step, and I really look forward how he will solve the problem, guess we´re in for a surprise;-). Other than that, a very clean blade shape, with a good tempering.
This one I really like a lot, another one, this time a stock removal from 1.2842, with a beautiful wood handle, which I guess is plum or something like that. Really cleanly accomplished, not too thick in the spine and it handles like a cinch. Tempering seems to be spot on, too!

Kai is really making a huge progress, and his knives certainly tell me something. Great, and my respect to you!

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