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Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

New blogs galore;-)

Some new blogs I follow now.... enjoy!

Frejs Blog: Really great slöjd and knifemaking...

Ida`s blog: Scandinavian medieval reenactment and mainly textile crafts

Frau Mondjung, not to be forgotten, slightly weird:-) but she and her husband live in the attic of my head, so I guess that tells a tale about myself, eh? Please turn that music down, will you?;-)

Ragleybikes, great hardtail mountainbikes from the UK have a new blog / site and I really covet their frames... maybe next year.

Also a video I found. I am currently crashing head first into the Systema martial arts... erm.... ;-) system´s philosophy. Here is some decent info:


  1. Hi Markus...Thanks for the head-up on those blogs. I'll go and have a look around. I haven't done much blogging recently, but I have a few knives on the your eyes open...:-)

  2. I will... haven´t done much blogging myself lately... but I always try to keep up:-). Your knives and related crafts always are an inspiration to me (as are all those folks around here!) and I will have a look, obviously:-).


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