Mittwoch, 23. November 2011


So it might have looked I wanted to make fun of Jonny Robels with one of my last posts. I did not. In fact, I have been impressed with the guy´s music ever since I laid my hands (ears?*ggg* ) on it. It´s certainly not my favourite for "Saturday night-seek and destroy parties", but the dreamer in me simply covets the atmosphere of his songs.

I am even more impressed now, for I had the great privilege to meet the guy.

Yap, he´s completely off his rocker:-), but he´s also a "druid" bard in the OBOD.

By the way  is he married to a Protestantic Christian priestess, and he is as unwashed a heathen *ggg* as they come. It works, and it works well. He simply refuses to delve into those ugly discussions about the names of religions. He simply is above making war for different names. he just concentrates on what he can concentrate on with success: His own spirituality. He lives it out and has no time for children´s games like hate - preaching.

Ah yes, he certainly IS somewhat funny, and for his satires he might be mistaken by some for some Catweazle parody.

Believe me, he is not.

I will never be his disciple, and we are agreed on many things, but not on all, but I want him to know that I have the deepest respect for his view on the world and his way of life and spirituality.

Oh yes, and we did not have some solemn discussion in some ivory tower chamber. We sat in a café in a CERTAIN :-) city, had some (much needed, see another post;-)) Italian caffeine shots right into the right heart ventricle;-), made fun of "Burschis" and other reactonaries, laughed our heads off and talked an afternoon away. I think he does not like me slobbering his fame.

But I am not lying or slobbering  when I say that I am impressed with the guy and hope that one day we might call each other friends. For meeting him has enriched my life.

I guess I have to thank my personal dragon slayer again (hey, that´s my job, slaying dragons, I AM THE SMITH!*ggg*), for since she stepped into my life many threads are woven into a fabric entirely new, vibrantly colourful and alive. Meeting Jonny is part of the fabric. She has not woven it. Then who has:-)? We know, but we won´t tell anyone.:-)

There´s a morale hidden in there:-). It´s a game to find it. Enjoy.;-).

Life is good.

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