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Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Progress on my Nessmuk folder

 I have now ground the blade coarsely, and still it needs some cleaning up. I will also thin it out a bit more, it´s still some 3,5 mm thick. It will get an etching to bring out the quench line. I have fitted a 8 mm bronze pivot, not rivetted yet. I plan to make some ornamental washers to rivet against and some bronze washers for the blade to run on the inside, as there´s plenty of room for that:-).
The tang´s rather long, but I like that, gives a firm grip. The handle will see some carving, too. I am about it still, maybe something with spirals and a dragon... or an owl...? We´ll see...:-)


  1. Ahhh. A folder worthy of the title Nessie! The tang is quite long indeed. It might get in the way in a pocket? Me likes though! I have been commissioned to make a Nessie, so' I'll soon have some nice new post to publish on my blog, which has sadly been neglected lately!

  2. I want to make myself a deeper pocket in my trousers so that it sits in it hidden away from Mr. policeman´s sight. It is legal, (and I do not carry anything that is illegal) but the law only applies to criminals and bankers, and many police officers do not know it over here, and that way it´s not scaring anyone. Then the long tang will serve in drawing it and gives a firmer grip. That´s the excuse:-) but truth is, I have yet to figure it out...:-).

    I look forward to your Nessie, as you know, you keep inspiring me through your blog and I look up to your level of craftsmanship!


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