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Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

I am ABSOLUTELY normal - relatively seen, that is;-)

I have been knowing Jonny Robels´music for some time now (around 15 years or so). I loved his music for the atmosphere and for his skill... It was drui:-) (Drui is schuld, nanananananaaaaa*ggg*) again who brought him up again.
She showed me some of his newer songs, and I nearly pissed myself laughing:-). This guy certainly has some cogs turning differently than others*ggg*, and although I do not completely agree with him on all topics, he certainly is a mad guy making some weird music:-).

It´s German, though, but I guess you´d get the picture nonetheless...*ggg*


  1. Normal, hey??? With friend like this, you could pass for normal...:-) Maybe...:-) No offence meant by the way! That guy does indeed seem a bit weird. Anyway, I like weird people.

  2. I sometimes wake up, standing against the mirror, mumbling to my self that "i am normal, theres nothing wrong with me" too. Then i notice the midget guy, standing behind me, pointing to me and whispering something in elf language.

    I´d say youre normal just as i am.

  3. Normal is for the boring people.
    I'm so happy to have not so many boring peeps around ;)
    I love my weird friends and all those crazy times to spend with them *ggg*

  4. Weird? Me? *ggg* Good to have you all around!!!:-)

    @Perkunas: Divirigar queddans tundigdar lugd*ggg* i aiwan...*ggg*

    Oh, how I know those midget guys...;-)

    @drui: Does that qualify as un´ o´ ´em not so credible compliments*ggg?Luvvlee*ggg*.



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